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Hi Joanne,

We had a wonderful break, and lots to do on the tours.

The Sciacca restaurant was perfect –Paceville was an interesting area -  we were also at the “ Gululu ??” – quite near the hotel on the seafront with only local food – excellent.

We sat outside at Andrews Bar on New Years Day in quite decent weather.

The Hotel was OK but there were small things that possibly we should have gone for  5 star – insulation in rooms not so good, not enough lifts( staff used them too), coffee machines too noisy and unreliable, but nothing to complain over either.

Flora was great, a professional in her work and entertaining. We learned a lot and the programme was just right. The Luciano was just fine, the Seashell a little casual but fine, clean and efficient.

We even got some good sunshine the last two days, the sun burnt very quickly.

So yes, we would recommend Sundreams and Malta to anyone.

Have a good 2014 and thanks for your effort.




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Malta Cultural Packages

The islands of Malta have been inhabited since around 5200 BC. The first inhabitants known are from a Neolithic culture and these are witnessed by the many Megalithic structures found around the islands. The Phoenicians colonized the islands on around 1000 BC and brought about the Semitic language and culture. These were followed by the Carthaginians and the Romans at around 216 BC who made Malta a municipium. A period of Byzantine rule followed and then an invasion by the Arabs in AD 870. The Normans came next in 1091 and these were welcomed by the then Christian natives. In 1530 the Malta was given to the Order of the Knights of St John who fortified the island, built the capital city of Valletta and lots of other palaces and castles around Malta, Gozo & Comino. In 1798 Napolean took over Malta for a couple of years before the islands became a British Colony. The islands got their independence in 1964 and became a republic in 1974. In 2004 Malta joined the European Union which brings us to the present days.

Most of the remains and architecture left by the various inhabitants of our islands can still be experienced today. The vast historical influence left by these occupants make Malta a unique place for one to indulge in a vast array of different cultures and to understand the mix they created making Malta and it's people what they are today. Malta and all it's attractions offer a diverse destination for the intrigued visitor. Through our expertise and knowledge of the islands we will create a very interesting package for you to live and learn about the culture of Malta during your visit here. We also do our best to conserve and present what is really and genuinely Maltese about our islands. Send us your group request today and we will get back to you with a detailed quotation which will surely leave you with a fantastic experience to be lived on the islands of Malta.

Malta Cultural Packages
Malta Cultural Packages


Although a relatively small island, Malta boasts with a large selection of hotels to suit all requirements. From small boutique hotels to upscale 5 star resorts we will assist you in sourcing the right accommodation for your group at the best offer. Your needs are our first priority, our skills and experience along with our extensive knowledge of the local properties guarantee we can rise to meet the most demanding expectations.

Additional activities

In addition to your standard package which will include your airport transfers, accommodation and cultural trips we can offer you an extensive array of entertainment and fun activities to add to your trip. The most popular activities within past cultural groups are boat trips to the islands of Gozo and Comino, Maltese nights and themed dinners. One can also find an aquarium, a marine park, two crafts villages, a karting raceway and a waterpark on the islands. Apart from all that the Maltese people are very fond of their festas and village festivals which happen mostly year round giving a further opportunity for our visitors.

Getting here

Our national airline, Air Malta, offers direct connections with many European cities. One can also find various other airlines including cheap carriers operating direct flight connections to Malta from all over Europe. We are ready and available to give assistance with flight options as well so just keep us informed on the required flight arrangements and we will guide you accordingly.

Malta Cultural Packages
Malta Cultural Packages
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