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Malta Religious & Pilgrimage Group Packages

Religion has always been a dominating part of the Maltese history and landscape ever since the first settlers moved to our islands. Even during Stone Age, when the first farmers landed in Malta, the people used to look into ways of thanking the gods. Many remains are still evidence to these practices when people from as early as 3000BC, used to worship fertility figures called Mother Goddesses which were of an unusual large proportion. 

The many temples around the islands teach us how they used to praise their gods and sacrifice animals in their honour. These temples are amongst the oldest standing structures in the world with the most popular ones called Hagar Qim, Mnajdra, Tarxien Temples and Ggantija Temples. 

The islands evolved with many passers by and occupants using the islands as a merchant base which meant influence of many different kinds of people and religions up until the year 60 AD, when St. Paul was shipwrecked on the islands. This event was to impact the Maltese and change their religious believes forever. The local people received the shipwrecked strangers with kindness, and built a bonfire to warm them. St Paul, while adding a bundle of sticks to the fire, was bitten by a venomous snake but suffered no ill effects. The Melitans took this as a sign that he was no ordinary man. Paul and his companions met with the chief man of the island, whose name was Publius. He received them, and lodged them three days courteously during which time Paul healed Publius’ sick father. The castaways remained on Melita for three months before continuing their journey to Rome, where Paul was imprisoned and sentenced to death.

Several relics like the Statue of St Paul on St Paul's Island, St Paul Grotto, St Paul Co Cathedral in Mdina and many churches around the islands stand in memory of this occasion. The islanders are very fond Christians and built many churches and monuments to cherish their believes. With these packages we aim to give you a religious experience of our islands helping you understand how religion has evolved here and how Malta became to be one of the first ever Christian communities around the world. Send us your request with your details and we will tailor make a package for you guaranteeing a fascinating experience on the islands of Malta.

Malta Cultural Packages
Malta Cultural Packages


Although a relatively small island, Malta boasts with a large selection of hotels to suit all requirements. From small boutique hotels to upscale 5 star resorts we will assist you in sourcing the right accommodation for your group at the best offer. Your needs are our first priority, our skills and experience along with our extensive knowledge of the local properties guarantee we can rise to meet the most demanding expectations.

Additional activities

In addition to your standard package which will include your airport transfers, accommodation and religious tours we can offer you an extensive array of entertainment and fun activities to add to your trip. The most popular activities within past religious groups are boat trips to the islands of Gozo and Comino, Maltese nights and themed dinners. One can also find an aquarium, a marine park, two crafts villages, a karting raceway and a waterpark on the islands. Apart from all that the Maltese people are very fond of their festas and village festivals which happen mostly year round giving a further opportunity for our visitors.

Getting here

Our national airline, Air Malta, offers direct connections with many European cities. One can also find various other airlines including cheap carriers operating direct flight connections to Malta from all over Europe. We are ready and available to give assistance with flight options as well so just keep us informed on the required flight arrangements and we will guide you accordingly.

Malta Cultural Packages
Malta Cultural Packages
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