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Permaculture Courses

Permaculture Courses

If you are looking for a relaxing trip in the countryside which will take you away and inspire you to jump into a new level of sustainability, then you should really look further and get hooked on this package. The permaculture courses will teach you all about the natural cycles of life and how we as humans can integrate with that to live our life in balance with nature.

In order to achieve true sustainability we need to reflect on the various relationships between all life forms and nature itself.  Through our course we will also be discussing and applying the knowledge of permaculture in the conscious design of landscapes and human habitats.  We will also be addressing energy production, mainly focusing on solar and wind energy as well as other technologies like aquaponics and intelligent drip irrigation systems.

All in all through our week together we will be exploring several ways of improving our lives and reducing the impact on the planet in the process. Our week-long packages include airport transfers, as well as accommodation in sharing dorms or private domes. All course materials are also included and we will of course be taking you on a food experience s well in the process mainly focusing on locally grown foods and healthy recipes.

Get in touch with us today and register for one of our permaculture malta courses which will surely take you on a great journey of self achievement, surely a life changing experience.

Next Course planned to start on the 7th November 2020

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